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Taiwan TV interview

Taiwan TV interview

A bicycle

It is the origin of many people’s dreams and stories

Because it was discovered that information in the bicycle industry was not circulating and equitable.

Someone therefore founded an online platform media - Neighbor Rider

Connecting various people and things related to bicycles in series

Hope to expand the scale of industry

Also share various bicycle information to the public

There are also people who love cross-country cycling

Taking into account riding safety and environmental sustainability

Expand lanes and promote route classification

Let riders enjoy the thrill of riding in nature

There are also new designers giving up a million-dollar annual salary

Just to return to Taiwan and fulfill a bicycle dream

To make bicycles Brand from Taiwan

When you step on the pedal, your dreams will fly in the wind


《青春咱的夢》—— ​ ​ 跤踏車的願望


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