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Material : AL6061
Head pipe: Ø44 (upper & lower_1-1/8”
Seat Post: Ø31.6
Motor System : SHIMANO E8000
Battery : SHIMANO BT-E8010
Tire :
Front wheel 26”
Rear wheel 24”
C-T :15”
Weight : 6.45KGS (FRAME)

1. IS mount disc brake seat is compatible with various specifications of discs.
2. Hydraulically formed down tube is used to facilitate the installation of the SHIMANO BT-E8010 battery.
3. Due to the long body, the central parking frame design is adopted to facilitate the parking of the frame and prevent dumping.
4. Length of the rear body is lengthened to increase the cargo space, and the truss structure design is adopted to enhance the load-bearing strength
5. Left and right sides of the rear body are equipped with pedal racks, which are designed to be convenient for carrying goods and children to ride and step on.
6. Tail end of the rear shelf is designed with a lamp locking hole to facilitate the assembly of lamps.
7. An aluminum alloy motor protection cover is attached to protect the motor motor system.
8. Low-slung design makes it easy for riders to get on and off frequently, increasing the mobility and convenience of users.
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